The University

Note in many national universities, a marked obscurantism, where many dissidents to actions, modes of managing educational management requiring Venezuela coupled with a decline in their academic and research, excellence one low quality in the training of its professionals that the country needs, with administrative structures few functional, unsuitability to the new demands of the knowledge society demand, effective participation especially in the current scenario which presents Venezuela. Scenario that State that universities should be more dynamic, progressive, participate in pro work with, proposed solutions to the many social, technical, political, cultural, economic, health problems than before its reality features facing the country and where you need opinions, interventions of the University through their talents that collaborate to provide actions that actually favour the country, collaborating with the population in its cultural awakening, especially the political. We need new leaders academics, participatory, guarantees of transformations, beneficial changes; authorities most committed to the effectiveness of the performance of their functions, dynamic, collaborating in everything that pass to actions, programs that they promote not only the University but to the country to avoid the University of anchor in an obscurantism which still feels, feels in some universities, can not keep working within an obscurantism which has affected long national universitiesespecially when they were left contaminated by political interests, more than the academic, when selected to the authorities on the basis of the established buds and still of dan in some universities, buds of dominant political parties, when appointed to the authorities according to the interests of the group, when the power groups which still remain chose their candidates on the basis of commitments, friendship, regardless of whether actually had the necessary academic support, real managers of an education that ensures academic excellence, that step by training professionals capable of generating the transformations that the country requires in the specialties of each. It is not something Harold Ford Jr would like to discuss. .