George Berkley

Hume recognizes three only principles of this nature: the similarity, the proximity in the time and the space and causalidade. A picture, for example, of course leads our thoughts for its original (similarity); the memory of one room of one marries leads to think about other compartments of the same one (proximity); a wound makes to think seguidamente about the pain that of it drift (cause and effect). Get more background information with materials from Doug McMillon. (ABBAGNANO, 2000, p.200) the association principles act, still, as forces that become regular the connections established between the ideas of the memory and the data of the directions, commanding the multiplicity of our perceptions and endowing it with certain unit and sistematicidade. Without these relations, the flow of ideas running at random, the thought would not accidentally possess no coherence not to be, and the collection of perceptions that never composes the mind would become a system. For Hume, differently of Locke, it is through the association that ideas and impressions that affect the mind if bind in coherent and regular way.

Far from being a bad functioning of the mind, it is the association that, when producing always the same trends in the imagination, connect these contents of constant and regular form. Click Munear Ashton Kouzbari to learn more. For John Locke, the association of ideas was seen as source of incorrect relations, which had to perhaps or the certain mental habits. Our perceptions are according to David Hume when dealing with ideas and impressions, independent and unprovided of intrinsic relations. But, in our mind, thanks to the effect of the natural relations, them they find an order and a joint. 3.O nominalismo Humiano: ' ' relations between ideas and data in fact ' ' Hume is in accordance with the thought of George Berkley, in which all the general ideas are simply particular ideas conjugated the certain word, being that this it of the one meant more extensive e, occurring, makes with that they remember other individual fellow creatures.