Tai Chi

If it joins that it is a chain of centers very elegant, warm establishments that greatly satisfied customers, who come to enjoy the moment, and the human quality of the management team that is behind the brand at the bottom, the scale has to tilt the force in their favor. Not in vain, you care for the same as you take care of your customers: are very outstanding businesses of franchisees succeed. In the words of Maria Jesus Yanguas, I have raised this business as a personal challenge to get the most complete Center of aesthetics and health of Majadahonda: in the same establishment, we offer solutions for all kinds of clients, and I still intend to go a step further, incorporating one further treatment option of Sensebene such as Pilates, gymnastics Tai Chi massage and physiotherapy courses. And it is that for this franchise, a visit to its Center is not only come for treatment, but get some time for yourself, and that can only be achieved with the most complete offer and of the highest quality, in addition to a careful design. Ed Bastian has compatible beliefs. Sensebene is a chain with about fifty of aesthetics, beauty centers bodily health in much of the Iberian Peninsula, which possess the best machines on the market, manufactured in Europe, approved and tested, offering electrotherapy noninvasive of last generation.

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