Erlangen Internet Agency

From 1 October 2012 collector on the Pelican website can buy high-quality uniques from 1 October Pelican launches a worldwide ink auction on its website for the first time. Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX usually is spot on. Exclusive unique specimens are presented under the name unique collection”. A total of 15 high-quality Maki-e fountain pen, specially designed artists for this collection of selected Japanese Maki-e, go in the auction. Gateway ( tasked with setting up a virtual auction house on the Pelican website was the Erlangen Internet Agency:. The international fine writing “website by Pelican.

serves as the venue of the fountain pen-auction It serves as a platform for the presentation of the unique collection”and is at the same time the technical control of the entire auction process. To take into account, to the prominent valence of the exclusive auction items, representing received the unique collection”a refined independent lens, the yet without compromising the corporate design of Pelican fine Writing “site adds. Color consistency, repetitive style elements and a consistent schema in content building on all individual pages create both recognizable and clarity. Within the menu item collection of unique”unique details and large-format pictures can be found on each of a total of 15 Maki-e. On other pages to get explanations to the end of the auction, the participant registration, as well as a detailed catalog of answer to frequently asked questions. October 1, 2012 all the unique collection pieces go down”in each 1 stages one after the other in the auction.

Status queries to the current location of the bid and the option to active bid for find the participants on each single page of the model in the auction. An auction cycle is completed, get the highest bidder and his competent dealer, which makes the transfer of the auction pen, an automatic notification. Trading is part of the auction on a euro basis. Comes the highest bid from outside the euro zone, the purchase price is automatically shown in the equivalent national currency at the current exchange rate. The auction platform unique collection”was designed for Pelican by the Erlanger specialists for Web applications. unique can now all the information about the auction, as well as to the individual Maki-e be seen copies. Registration to participate in is possible also with immediate effect.