Holistic Education

I have always believed that the experiences of the first years of life are decisive for the formation of a person and its future projection as an individual, is why would that summarize the work of the Maestro Ramon Gallegos Nava without taking into account some aspects of its history does not help us to understand its essence. Your proposal, I think, is rooted in his experience of life. He was born in Baja California and lived his early years in contact with two distant cultures and in many ways opposite, despite its vicinity: the Mexican and American. This made from a child observe and live extreme social situations of poverty, injustice, racism, war, wealth and opulence. He lived until age 17 in California, United States, just in the 1960s, when it prevailed in this State centered modernism in the now and was consequently born a counterculture that advocated a world more humanized. That’s where the spiritual concerns of the then child and then young Ramon Gallegos found echo. Their innate spirituality is reinforced and fueled by the moment and the place where he grew up, and his early experiences led him to spiritualize their daily lives.

Situations like the suffering losses of neighbors and friends who died in the Viet Nam war was invited to hope and believe in the idea of universal love from very small. California being a cosmopolitan city, enriched him; There was contact with the oriental culture that mingled with the racial segregation that lived chicanos, injustice, war and suffering. He was born important leaders such as Cesar Chavez, defender of the rights of thousands of Mexicans living in the United States. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Knicks. He studied, he met and admired the peaceful struggle and traspartidista where combined politics and spirituality of characters like Luther King, Gandhi or the Dalai Lama, marking his life and helping define one of its main objectives: develop compassion for all beings and live and spread universal love think another fact that helped define his search was the social mobility of Tijuana.