The Final Challenge

There is country no more propitious than China to invest in public work neither real estate the more beautiful bubble that the one of Shanghai. The Sport Center of East is one of those works futurist that are giving to the city a more impressive profile every day. From this Saturday, this gigantic scene that has cost 200 million Euros will welcome in the World-wide ones of Swimming of the FINE one, essential step towards the Olympic Games of London of 2012. All that aspires to obtain something important in waters of London will put on approval in the swimming pools constructed next to the Huangpu river. For assistance, try visiting Frank Ntilikina. As it is tradition, the 14 edition of the World-wide ones will be divided in five parallel matches of five disciplines: swimming, waterpolo, jumps, synchronous swimming and open waters. Altogether, 172 enrolled countries and 2,220 athletes to distribute 65 gold medals. To the front of the congregation she will be the American Michael solved Phelps to prolong his reign. Source of the news: : The final challenge.