How To Improve Your Mental Training In Your Classes Of Tennis

In this article I will give you some recommendations that will help you to train your mind with regard to your games of tennis, this way when you increase the pressure in a tournament your tennis level will remain high without fall precipitously as tends to happen when the stress level or confidence in your game are affected product of a deficit in your mind as a tennis training. According to studies, it has come to determine that the more high is the level of tennis players the mental aspect takes on greater weight in his level of play. For example, players from competition are influenced between 50% and 70% by your mind and this makes to play better or worse in their matches. Statements by players on the ATP circuit have declared that the mental aspect is responsible in almost 80% of that win or lose certain parties, above all among the first 10 players in the world. This issue occurs because they all have a very refined technique, impeccable physical condition and a very high tactical intelligence and what makes these three pillars I mentioned earlier (technical, physical, tactical) are applied efficiently is the mind of the player. he issue. This opportunity I will not expand me more and I will give you some short recommendations so that you start to train your mind in your classes from tennis in order to concegir the optimal state of relaxed concentration, reaching its point more high when the player plays in the mental area: 1) looks at the ball: concentration key is being in the here and the now a trick that you have to start practicing in your tennis classes is to try to always look at the ball during the point, so much so that you can see the seam of the ball in the air. In this way, your mind will be fixed at a point without distractions.

(2) Your mental tape rewinds: this what I mean is that everytime you do something wrong don’t you castigues you autocriticandote which does not bring anything good and erosiana your trust. What I recommend is to look backwards with a vision of learning from your mistakes and know that you have to work more. This way you’re reprogramming your mind to find solutions of difficult, ability essential to situations You’ll need in your tennis matches where not there time for lamentations and you have to solve problems quickly. (3) Records the good points in your mind: you have to do here is memorizing visually or aurally the points you’ve done in an impeccable way. I.e. is it usually so called realimentadores of confidence based on tangible facts to your mind. In this way you are giving tests to your conscious mind and subconscious that if it is possible and you will see such situations completely normal. This is one of the mental desbloqueadores more powerful there. I hope that with these three tips better your mind on your lessons of tennis training.