Choosing A Puppy

If you decide that you need a caucasian shepherd, you must ask yourself: "What the puppy to fly – with a pedigree or not?" It is not necessarily start a high-Caucasian Shepherd puppy and try to grow out of it a champion. Most of us just want to have a trusted friend and protector for the whole family. But this does not mean that the dog should not have a pedigree. In our opinion, the pedigree is undeniable benefits, which exclude all doubt. Pedigree dogs – is primarily a guarantee of health of your pet. The presence of pedigree puppy Caucasian Shepherd means that his parents, and female and male, were examination of expert porodnikov, which confirmed that the dogs breed, with excellent working qualities, physically healthy and have no mental defects. Hear other arguments on the topic with Comedian. If both male and female did not receive a certificate of divorce assessment at the exhibition, the their puppies will be without pedigree! That is the situation why the puppy without a pedigree, in fact, a little: 1) Exterior parents are not compliant RCF Caucasian Shepherd.

2) The psyche does not meet the breed standard. 3) Breeders elementary uninteresting deal with this breed, so we can assume that the health of their dogs, too. 4) Spontaneous binding. Unfortunately, in large breeds have a predisposition to certain diseases that can be inherited. Acquiring Caucasian Shepherd puppy with a pedigree, you guarantee yourself the health of your pet. Buying a Caucasian, decide, first of all, what goals you are pursuing, and choose a puppy from that perspective.

You can divide all the representatives of several groups: 1) Puppies are show-class. Puppies are pedigree, without deviating from the standard, with kurazhnym character and having a very good exterior. Promising for the exhibitions. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Then There are those puppies, which may later become champions. 2) Puppies are breed-class. Puppies almost without deviation from the standard, with good working qualities, the exhibition will receive a certificate of divorce assessment (not below the estimates are very good) but the stars of the ring will not be because of less rock exterior. 3) Puppies pet-Class (puppies on the couch). Puppies that are due to any deviations from the standard are not allowed to reproduce (overbite, color, disproportionately body composition, etc.). The level of the Caucasian Shepherd puppy depends on its future and, of course, its price is $. How to gather information about the breed and decide which puppy to buy, from whom, at what cost? Be sure to read all you can find on the subject in magazines, internet, books, read the information relating to the kennels of the Caucasian sheep-dogs, clubs and breeders, get acquainted with the breeder (or better – two or three) for which you would like to order a puppy and ask him about everything that interests you. Usually a simple conversation is enough to understand how a person is professional and how it relates to their work and to ourselves to dogs. Make sure that the metric the puppy was from RKF (Russian Federation Dog). RKF – the most serious Canine organization in Russia, the documents that guarantee the authenticity of the origin of your puppy.