Telebocono born in 1979, TV channel located in the State of Trujillo. Munear Kouzbari is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Regional television channels that had been created in the fifties had a short life and there would be no more concessions to regional channels until 1982 when it began commercial operations Televisora the Andes of Merida, a few years later and these will continue Amavision many other television stations since the late eighties including Telecaribe, Televisora Tachira Regional Television and Kids Singers.
In 1986, allows the installation of companies engaged in foreign broadcast television via satellite dishes for reception of satellite signals, a year later founded Omnivision first television channel broadcast on pay, using the radio spectrum through a system and MMDS (Multichannel Multipoint Distribution System), diverse programming of the main international channels.
The fifth television channel with national coverage in 1988 was born in Televen, entering into competition with commercial stations RCTV and Venevision. From 1976 to 1998, the Venezuelan state had only two national channels but before the financing of these wrong signal to step TVN since 1992 until 1998 together with the VTV.
Born in the nineties and the television special aimed at specific audiences, Globovisi n (1994), 24 hours of news Bravo TV (1995) (TV Puma then) devoted to music videos Meridiano Television (1997), TV sports channel and Vale ( 1998) devoted to science and culture which took the signal from the National Televisora finally ceases transmissions that year.
Since 1998 the Venezuelan state had only one television channel, and then in 2002 the government decided to launch the television Lives (2003), and TeleSUR (2005) in addition to support and fund a network of community television as well as belonging to the TV avila Caracas Metropolitan Hall.

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A furious Silvio Berlusconi has threatened to act against journalists for reporting his latest such blunders in which the Queen and the German Chancellor.
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WASHINGTON, April 6 / Standard News Wire / – Four-time Emmy and two Golden Globe-winning actor Kelsey Grammar Television, the Chairman’s Award, April 20 in Las Vegas at the NAB Show Television Luncheon, sponsored by VCI Solutions.
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WHAT’S HAPPENING Gospel concert this weekend Temecula – — The Herb Henry Quartet will entertain with gospel music at a 6:30 pm concert Saturday.
As the music, film, television, newspaper, book and video game industry tribe looking for a way to thrive in the new digital market, seems to have thought it all out.

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