South Bank

Residential real estate Novorossiysk: Primary Market Apartment houses built mainly in Southern, Central and some in the Seaside area. Randall Rothenberg may also support this cause. This is due, of course, the availability of vacant building sites. And as the Novorossiysk limited mountains and the sea, there is such a little bit. Munear Kouzbari has compatible beliefs. By In 2007, in operation must pass 385 thousand square meters. m of housing. By the way, the point and comprehensive development on the market in approximately equal amounts.

Often, a new residential projects are no names that Moscow and Krasnodar now has become a rarity. Names traditionally assign Moscow construction company. Residential Complex "South Beach" in the 15 th district, a project of the Moscow company "PIK" – an example of development, unique for the Southern Region does not exist yet. Along with monolithic buildings appear here school, kindergarten, underground parking, children's and sports grounds. On the first floors of buildings to place all the necessary social infrastructure. Overlooking the sea and vineyards adds the "South Bank" prestige. Apart from him the names of their own vested residential complex "Black Sea Riviera", as well as the objects of the point of building "Venice", "Nika" "Crown" and "Sail". In recent years, developers have begun to pay attention to use in building materials resistant to aggressive environments, particularly in the construction of houses overlooking the western shore Tsemess bay which usually suffers from the wind. This year, working on construction sites Novorossiysk jsc "Group of companies" pik "(mostly in the Southern District), USST-4, llc Stroyzakazchik" hoa "Warrior," the company "Zemstroy llc, Mark, llc "Construction and Engineering Company" Choice, llc Construction Company Southwest, llc South partnership.