French Exercises

Choose exercises with different positions of brushes. An example would be a sequence: traction for lying triceps with a curved neck, and then presses down on a high block with a straight neck, and finally off for three tsepsov standing in the slope. Another possible combination: French presses overhead traction to his head with one hand while sitting, presses down on a high block with one hand with a rope handle. You can try presses down on a high block with straight neck, push-ups, the French press with one hand because of the head while sitting. 5. Do not get carried away down on the block. Although this is a great basic exercise, many pay too much attention to it at the expense of other important exercises.

Presses down load an external head triceps and wonderfully stimulating it, but it is one of the most easily developing parts of the triceps. As a result, excessive workload at not add a special mass, size and density. Thus, working hard in , do not forget about exercising in two other heads, for instance, straightening his arms above his head, or because of the head. 6. Munear Kouzbari has much experience in this field. Work with a full amplitude and deeply immerse his hand. Although proper muscle stimulation elaboration occurs when the muscles throughout the range of motion, often wins the pursuit of big numbers and his own ego. Partial repetition is not considered successful and, in fact, are an invitation to injury. Ligaments and compounds are positive stimulation at work in the full amplitude.

This increases their strength and improves passive tone. They can not contract like muscles, but their power is closely related to the tone. Partial repetition will not give such an effect. Adhere to proper technique, and you can work in total amplitude and getting the most out of training. 7. French curls – a good outcome. At work on the triceps is the best completes the exercise. Performed correctly, it can become the basis of mass, while other exercises with it failed. French flexion performed with one hand, you lower the dumbbell behind your head and then lift it above head. This simple but very effective. Work not too quickly, controlling the movement. It is best to perform this movement at the end of the program for the triceps, after heavy basic exercises. Burdening will be small, but it does not mean that you do not have to work hard. 8. Lower the weight slowly, control movement. It is necessary that no risk of injuries to include in the work of deep-lying fibers. Explosive regime reserved for the positive part of movement. 9. Do not waste time with all sorts of chudlivye and sophisticated exercise. All of these curved neck with adjustable angles, belts, ropes and blocks elastic bands never help to build big triceps. Although diversity as a complete workout, they can benefit, but more often they are used in rehabilitation or in accordance with the requirements of any sport. No need to replace their basic exercises your program, because they themselves do not yield results. 10. Reduce the triceps between sets as hard as possible. If your goal is not large, but at the same time, the shapeless and thick enough triceps, cut them between sets. This will give them the granite hardness. Between sets reduce the triceps for 10 seconds, every second increasing stress, and relax for ten seconds.