Correct Conception

Step One. People such as Walmart CEO would likely agree. Discuss your plans with your spouse. Phrase: 'Honey, I'd love to have had three', does not always work. A spouse may decide that you want to diversify your sex life. Need to talk loud and clear – I want to conceive a child.

If the husband did not originally set up to such a change in life, it is desirable to prepare for such discussion. For example, sighed, talking about his pregnant girlfriend, or buy a magazine, 'My child' and leave it on conspicuous place. Step Two. Following the adoption of joint solutions is the time to take care of their own health. First is to go to a gynecologist. A good specialist scroll your medical card, find out all about previous pregnancies, abortion and contraceptive methods. He may be interested in your lifestyle, transferred and available disease.

If necessary, it sends you to the additional surveys or other experts: a example, if you're going to combine the pregnancy, allergies, you should visit an allergist. Women who are preparing to conceive a child, in clinics do a general analysis of blood (important indicators of hemoglobin, the number of erythrocytes, leukocytes, etc.), blood biochemical analysis, the overall analysis of urine, swabs and blood tests for genital infections: many of them have a negative effect on the fetus. To clarify the status of internal genital authorities conduct ultrasound (U.S.). Then you should visit a therapist who can identify and treat chronic diseases (cardiovascular system, kidney disease, diabetes, thyroid disease, anemia, tonsillitis, dysbiosis, immune deficiency states, etc.). Chronic diseases can greatly complicate the course of the pregnancy, so it is very important to diagnosis and treatment before conception. If your family attended hereditary diseases (Down syndrome, , 's, Huntington's Horites, etc.), or a family history of stillbirth or miscarriage, you need advice specialist genetics. He will be able to conduct special studies to identify genetic abnormalities, to forecast a healthy baby. Frequently upon the occurrence of pregnancy, antenatal (prenatal) diagnosis of hereditary diseases. Step Three. If everything was in order, you can begin to prepare for conception. Expectant mother: 1. do not drink any medicine without first talking to your doctor / gynecologist, 2. no smoking 3. do not drink alcoholic beverages; 4. do not drink tea or coffee, go to the useful herbal teas and fruits and vegetables 5. not sick; 6. do not take hot baths, do not walk in baths and saunas, 7. three months before the alleged conception must start taking vitamins with folic acid, 8. out of my head all diets. Future father: 1. does not hurt, especially undesirable increase in temperature, 2. do not go to the bath and sauna 3. do not drink, smoke, do not swallow tablets, 4. not to run marathons 5. not engage in extreme and traumatic sports 6. do not wear tight synthetic underwear. Step Four. Now we can start the actual fertility. Statistics say that a healthy couple who has sex 2-3 times a week without contraception, to conceive should be from six months to a year. So do not worry if the first time you did not. This may be due to the recent use of hormonal contraceptive pill stress, change of lifestyle and many other reasons. If the reason is more serious and is related to your health – still do not despair. Remember that in the modern treatment for infertility overcome many cases of both female and male infertility.