The Importance Of Recreation And Sport

State Law recognizes the right of all persons to recreation, sport and the use of leisure time. ord Jr. The State shall promote the activities and inspect, monitor and control the sports and recreational organizations whose structure and ownership must be democratic. (Amended by Legislative Act No. 2 of 2000) Article 53. The Congress shall work status. The relevant law will have at least basic minimum the following principles: equal opportunities for workers, minimum living wage, mobile, proportional to the quantity and quality of work, job stability; indispensability to the minimum benefits set out in rules labor, power to compromise and conciliate uncertain and questionable rights, a situation most favorable to the worker in case of doubt in the application and interpretation of formal sources of law, primacy of the reality on formalities established by the subjects of labor relations, security social security, training, training and adequate rest, special protection for women, maternity and minor worker. The state ensures the right to timely payment and periodic adjustment of pensions law. The International Labour Conventions have been ratified are part of domestic law.

The law, contracts, agreements and labor agreements can not undermine freedom, human dignity and rights of workers. ARTICLE 54. It is the obligation of the State and employers to provide training and technical professional qualifications and those in need. The State should facilitate job placement for people of working age disabled people and guarantee the right to a job commensurate with their health conditions. ARTICLE 55. It guarantees the right of collective bargaining to regulate labor relations, with the exceptions provided by law.