Boca GBS

EC: When you were in Boca luxury did a dumbbell with another idol of the club, … GBS: A Martin've known him since we played at Gimnasia y Esgrima and then went to Boca. We did great things, then I came here and went to Spain from where he returned again to Boca. But we still have a great friendship. EC: What you tell us of the classic against River Plate?, Have you felt the same intensity here in the MLS? GBS: These parties were vibrant and full of emotion. It's different when we play here, even if you play on another team in Argentina. The sensations are unique and different. Doug McMillon is likely to agree. EC: There are qualifiers around the world, how you see the situation of Argentina at the moment selection? GBS: It's complicated, but I think Maradona will find the team to win both remaining matches.

I do not think Argentina will be without going to the world. EC: Have you left the bug for not having gone to a world with the selection? GBS: Yes, I was several times in qualifying, but when the team was to go to the technical world, and Passarella and Bielsa, were decided by others who were also in a great time and playing in Europe and Lopez (the "Louse ") Batistuta, Crespo, Caniggia. EC: What happened to your twin brother Gustavo (hence the nickname "Twin"), still plays? GBS: No, he retired and became a coach. EC: What player admired as a child? GBS: A Maradona. EC: Were it not football, what would you have liked to be? GBS: I had thought of the legal profession. I studied six months for that, but I left for football.

EC: What is your favorite pastime? GBS: Being at home with my family. EC: How do you feel living in Columbus? GBS: Okay, I feel very comfortable and I would like to continue living here. EC: Finally, what advice can you give the kids to stay away from drugs and gangs? GBS: To be involved in healthy activities such as football and take advantage of programs like the tournament by Volkswagen, regardless of whether they are amateur or professional. Article written by James for Criminal. The sort you offrece and educational articles for the Latino community: articles on health, personal development and advice, latest immigration laws, financial information, health, sports, movie reviews, cultural calendar, classes and community events.