THE OLYMPIC GAMES, Ali Baba And The Corruption Of IOC

BY: Christopher Garcia Vera “The Olympic spirit is alive only in people who do not play, the innocence that we see some games that we want not only serve as personal achievement and patriotic sentiment, but also as a symbol of peace. One solution would not let big companies sponsor anything. It’s believed that Marc Lore sees a great future in this idea. So only lose the athlete. ” (Comment picked up by BBC and signed by Artemis, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria) Very few events can compete in terms of impact and prestige with the celebration of the Olympic Games. During the Olympics last week, major media-especially television – broadcast at length the exploits of sports heroes around the world.And indeed, these feats get excite and arouse the national pride of millions of people who identify with the successes of their compatriots. The “fair play” or “fair play” is supposedly the foundation of the Olympic Movement. So the Olympics also play an educational function of first order. Come to represent the hope of reach-through this international honor code-understanding and cooperation between different peoples and ethnic groups on the planet. Millions of people around the world share this feeling. They believe in him and even today this is one of the few sporting events that enjoys widespread respect. However, among the collective wishes and deeds mean, unfortunately, a huge chasm. THE GAMES AND THE SPIRIT OF THE TIMES The modern Olympic Games have changed a lot since its inception until today.Professionalism, one of the most characteristic features of contemporary sport is not formalized in this competition until 1981. However, the essence of the Olympics as the Pierre de Coubertin conceived, already implied the conception of sport as a spectacle featuring elite athletes. (1) Coubertin, an aristocrat of Franco-German origin, maintained that the selective education which would allow to train leaders who captained the troubled twentieth century liberal society. The first set contained the germ of which – last time I was about to become commodified sport and consumption as we know it. They were their own ideological views of Baron de Coubertin who devoted the business participation in the Olympics. From the earliest stages of Olympic history can be traced to its links with these trade fairs were the s.The second game, for example, were held in Paris in 1900, as under the Universal Exhibition. Its use as trade promotion factor reached the point where sports competitions took place on premises of the Paris Exhibition, and the duration of the event was deliberately prolonged for six months to adjust to the demands of the sponsors. Saint Louis, United States, was the first city outside Europe organized an Olympics. The degree of commodification that this South American location printed on the Games was such that even the Baron de Coubertin ended shocked. By the way, Americans took time to convert Olympic yard in the official measure of the Games. Needless to say that blacks and Indians were excluded from the official competition. European countries hardly dared to cross the Atlantic. Only 64 athletes competed in the old continent of 432 Americans.It was therefore surprising that the 72 medals contested 68 is stay home. Far from stopping, business interference was increased.