Backstroke Training

(Moderately advanced) Backstroke in the crunch position with knees bent, feet are flat on the floor. Also the lower back is flat on the floor. With a crunch shoulders stand out as far as possible from the ground and back turning the arms alternately as in the backstroke. The upper body turns the arm here, each moved. Repeat the exercise up to five times with each 45 seconds continuous and alternating arms.

Later, the chest is lifted from the ground, the better the effect is. If the movement is too easy, it can be performed for an effective muscle building with light dumbbells. (Moderately advanced and advanced) Squatting is this exercise not recommended, it requires beginners but some effort, for which you need to be prepared, in other words, you need a strong lower back pain! However, it offers an extensive work-out of the fuselage, including the posterior thigh, buttocks -, the belly – and all muscles of the back, in particular, of the backbone on judge muscle (erector spinae): imagine the Legs shoulder width on the knee are not fully pushed through. Keep shoulder width a barbell over your shoulders, which include the rod over hands. Keep your upper body straight, take back the shoulders and push out your chest.

Lean in the middle of the body slightly forward. Now you bow to slowly, holding back straight, until your upper body is parallel to the ground. Your eyes should look forward, not down. Go back slowly to the starting position and repeat the exercise. (Advanced) Have fun and success during training!