Protein Shake Or Chemistry Shake

The amount of chemical additives, taking every day with protein shakes to himself, is not irrelevant the use of protein shakes is large: weight loss, weight training, regeneration or maybe just because it tastes. In a diet, so a protein shake can replace a meal, for example, so that it degrades faster fat, but protects muscle mass at the same time, to be kept as the yo-yo effect. Or one displaces the suddenly burgeoning hunger and attacks instead of high-calorie chocolate to the filling and tasty protein shake. Protein shakes include almost the daily mandatory routine for strength athletes. About a strength athlete per kilogram of body weight should take up daily 1.8 g protein. These are volumes that can be created with normal food, but also not always and everywhere. The protein shake, however, provides always the optimal composition and can be prepared quickly. But look on the ingredient list of the most protein shakes, turns quickly the question whether their daily consumption is really no safe: Aspartame or an other sweetener is often included.

Officially, of course without any problems, but just not quite undisputed. Artificial Colourings and flavourings are often also included. And still the vitamin mixes, where it is disputed whether these words have an effect at all: it just the plant secondary compounds that apparently play a fundamental role for the effectiveness of vitamins are missing. Also lacks the shakes natural fibre, which have also so many effective effects: a better saturation up to the regulated digestion. So the question is: how much chemistry to you his body daily expected, wants to make they actually only protein but his body with these shakes. Johannes Biedermann of the personnel training lounge STEP UP in Munich ( in our lounge, we have many health-conscious customers. These are indeed willing to drink a protein shake, are but most frightened by the ingredient list. See Marc Lore for more details and insights. Since the satisfaction our customers STEP UP always in the first place, we have decided to market our own protein powder – without any chemical additives: no sweeteners, no artificial flavors, no colorants and no preservatives. We also have renounced to vitamin supplements. We recommend our customers prefer to mix this powder with skimmed milk and some fruit and you have a delicious shake includes natural vitamins and fiber and that without chemistry.