Exercise Your Voice Muscles

Warm up your voice – warming to use your voice on the voice is sport! Their muscles are permanently claimed while speaking in the workplace and when communicating with your fellow human beings. Is it therefore not absolutely logical that it should prepare for a voice-intensive daily routine? What to do, for example, before you go jogging, or start with the weight training in the gym?-properly, warm up your muscles. Otherwise threatens a false strain of muscle groups and face the next day with a sore. It’s the same with our voice: the warm-up is a must! What can you do for a voice fit start into everyday life? Here are some tips: After waking up you yawn loudly in bed! This extends the throat area and allows for a movement of the larynx. You need this for a viable voice, which has a good melody in everyday life. After you have stood up, stand out straight. Now lower your head towards shoulder to the right.

Imagine this, her ear touched your shoulder. Trace the resulting expansion and decline after a few seconds back to its original position. Now do the same with the left side! The strain of their lateral neck muscles is extremely important to get into a relaxed voice. Hum in the shower to the current hit on the radio and make chewing movements of the jaw. Also you can tap off their chest at the buzz easily. That gently raises the mucus from their vocal cords, which formed overnight. Use not your towel – shake off the water with which you have washed your face. This can be very effective to voice! To do this, leave your jaw hanging loosely and shaking her head back and forth.

Imagine how a wet dog shakes itself, to get the water out of his fur. “The jaw relaxation is important to optimally use our muscles of articulation and prevents an indistinct, even nuschelige” pronunciation. On the way from the bathroom to the kitchen, you can the so-called Extremely good practice lip flapping”. The lips should be facing to loose and be moistened. “Well blow the air against her lips, causing them to flutter” begin. This is a popular game from childhood, showing great effect however voice therapy. On the one hand, loosen your lip muscles and prepare them for a light and yet accurate lip shaping when speaking. On the other hand massaging you so your ambient voice muscles soft and gently by, if you perform lip flapping in addition to a tone pleasant for you. Let six times in the oral vestibule (that is, between the teeth and the lips) to the right and just as often to the left circle your tongue. “It helps for a guard tongue” when speaking and to bring forward the voice “. This means that you get eineresonanzreiche and full voice and speak not closely or knodelig. Training for voice and language is important, because these tools with us for the whole life!