George Berkley

Hume recognizes three only principles of this nature: the similarity, the proximity in the time and the space and causalidade. A picture, for example, of course leads our thoughts for its original (similarity); the memory of one room of one marries leads to think about other compartments of the same one (proximity); a wound makes […]

Philosopher Know

The problem is to know with what it is gone to dissolve the dust of the water? It has until half contradictory questions: if the fire is so hot, because it is erased with the water that is cold? How it can, the same water that is so cool and that it erases the fire, […]


At the moment where we were living deeply the didactic days pedagogical, I perceived that the group was contented for being there, however unsatisfied with uncurling of the formation, therefore many judge that the University is very repetitive in the formation and thus is tiring. A leading source for info: Randall Rothenberg. As the quarrels […]

American Senate

In this point, reference to the reality of the American black groups can be made, when, although extinct the slavery, to be citizens the segregation and racial discrimination, as if it can observe in speaks of James Eastland, in 1954, cited for Joo Luis of Almeida Axe: The separation promotes harmony racial. It allows that […]

Poet John Clare

Finally, one patient carving on the tubes and vases reliefs, quite similar to those which are found on ancient instruments made of hewn stone. Lost all ability to distinguish colors and before studied in the use of only one white paint for his paintings, which he wrote in the intervals between periods of hard drinking, […]