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The problem is to know with what it is gone to dissolve the dust of the water? It has until half contradictory questions: if the fire is so hot, because it is erased with the water that is cold? How it can, the same water that is so cool and that it erases the fire, to boil to the fire? If the water erases the fire, as is that the fire boils the water erases that it? If it does not despair, that still it has more: how can the watermelon, that is a so great fruit, be produced by one cipozinho fininho, fracote, so fake? How can be so sluggish a tree as the sleeve foot, so great, and give ones frutinhas so small? Exactly the jaqueira does not produce nothing proportional to its size! since we say in this who was that the jaca melecou? Moving of subject. You know to explain why the penalty you are so light, and exactly thus, she falls? for speaking in weight, which more is weighed, one kilo of cotton or one of iron? Still it has more: if the day has 24 hours why 12 only is clearly? Why the night is part of the day? It will be that the night was made to save the energy of the day? It answers fast: why the wheel is round? Why the cube is not squared? Why it charges walks, if it does not have legs? This is not everything. It has more question leaves that me encafifado. But I do not go to ask everything now, if you do not go to think that I do not know nothing! But I know, yes. I know, for example, that the Scrates, not corintiano it, costumava to affirm: ' ' I know that nothing sei' '. If it who was wise only wise person not to know, because she is that I, that I am curious I cannot know to only ask? has more, says for there that who is smarter makes question of what who answers. I believe to be truth, therefore when somebody answers a question always leaves the chance of somebody to ask to it, as arrived at this reply? Why you gave to this and not another reply? He has another reply? Good, since ' ' to ask not ofende' ' we go to finish this way. When it is that people can continue? Neri de Paula CarneiroMestre in Education, Philosopher, Theologian, Historiador.Rolim de Moura .