This is what it means to make things happen, point. Another example might be the following: during the stage of approach do you want? YOU EXPECT THAT A WOMAN IS CLOSE TO YOU? It could happen, when you have the look of Tom Cruise, but if not, you will have to wait for hours, and you will be waiting for you. Are they waiting for? DO THAT IS CHRISTMAS? THE GENERATOR! Be a generator refers to having the attitude of making things happen. This is the opposite of being a spectator, persons who, either waiting for things to happen, or just observe things happen. Sam Mikulak understands that this is vital information. Be Viewer is to be anti-seductor. How to change your MINDSET to become a generator and stop being the spectator? Do do I again give an example: every morning upon awakening, instead of wondering what will happen to me today? or that it will be what has life for me?, tell something as: very well put your name here, we are going to do the things pass! or if you go to work at the location X, then instead of saying what will happen today in X?, say something like: put your name here, well, let’s do that things happen in X! To summarize, finish and make things much more clear. If life is a film, not only are the main actor of the film, are also the director, producer, choreographer, the Coordinator of doubles, the cameraman, etc in a few words, TU ERES LA movie! Remember this phrase: life you do not happen to ti TU LE SUCEDES A LA VIDA know generator takes action now!! I recommend you to make click here, to know the truth about the seduction and dating, learn how to succeed with women now, and ceases to be viewing life from the sidelines. SALT AND VIVELA!.