The Crisis And The Law Of Attraction

All have heard about the call: global economic Crisis. A social Crisis, is not anything other than a reflection of a collective emotional crisis. How to create a crisis? A person, harboring negative thoughts of lack at any level, by law of attraction, is going to attract situations of lack to your life; These situations will affect those who are to her around: family, friends, neighbors, co-workers if, by law of attraction, a single individual, can cause and expand such discomfort, what will be the power of expansion of discomfort when ten people of a same neighborhood, are focused on the negative: in lack, fear, insecurity?

Do you think that they will be bringing these ten people, while they think, feel and speak only from fear and the lack of total self-confidence and self-esteem, but it is, more situations of insecurity, anger, injustice, more than the same thing? If we continue to see the reality of this phenomenon, we see that this neighborhood, is growing without realize, the power to attract situations of lack which shall extend to an entire neighborhood, and this barium to other neighbouring districts and thus, to entire cities, countries what is a crisis, rather than the result of thoughts, negative, repetitive and transmitted, hosted, by several people simultaneously? It is possible to think even then there is nothing I can do to change a situation inevitably I have to adapt to the crisis false! Nothing is further from the truth. Add to your understanding with David Delrahim. The latest scientific developments, in the field of quantum physics, have corroborated, the discovery that in reality are our thoughts and intentions that give shape and mould our reality.

What can you do to protect yourself from the crisis? Have you ever wondered, what you personally can do to prevent and protect yourself from this collective poisonous wave, that will grow to the rhythm of each will be paying, and care that poisons your days, because yourself let you it seizes you? You may think now that hard, you can avoid this negative wave when, newspaper that you buy in the morning talks of the crisis, when television you listen at maximum audience time speaks of the crisis, when at the bar where low to have coffee in the morning, they have put television and also draws your attention, if you’d forgotten a few moments, of the crisis, when colleagues in the same Office, you constantly remember it to not feel alone in their fear of the crisis, when even friends or relatives, with whom together to share privileged moments of well-being and joy, they want to share this dark cloud that weighs too much over their heads do you feel guilty of not listening to them at least? What kind of solidarity, them are offering to all of them, when you get lost with them by such low vibration levels and yourself are trapped?

Do you think really that it is better to get hooked to the ship which is sinking, not save you only? Returns to you a few moments and ask yourself: do I how would I feel same and what would bring you to my environment if, rather than focus on me I also in crisis, me refocusing in abundance and the multiplicity of my life, enjoy and share it? What happens when instead of adding my voice to this noisy collective that is the crisis, removing it is thus lessening my own anxiety and his forces of propagation? I feel really guilty if I chose focus me solely on the beauty and abundance?

Can it be that me feel ridiculous, to rely on myself and the divine power that offers me naturally, in my favour, of the law of attraction? What would happen in my own home, if arriving from work in the afternoon, you will enjoy the company of mine, or read a book, play some musical instrument rather than sit down to watch TV, or I forget the time in front of the computer screen, or? in re-reading the newspaper? Do I’m doing a favor to someone mistreat me focusing on fear and the collective malaise? Recover your power and enjoy your everyday! Now, think of the power of a single lit candle in a dark cave.