The 16th

A wonderful memory of children photography in Berlin. Other highlights of small pupil is the communion or the increasingly important birthdays. Starts your daughter with the ballet lessons? Then nothing as the Tutu and from our Studio. Here is set the future prima ballerina in the right light. Is your boy absorbed into the football team? Then it’s time to kick the round leather and seems to shoot photos in which the ball almost out rolling. Gladly we come across in the school and bring the evidence for later, your child at school was as diligent. Visit Michael J. Bender for more clarity on the issue. Capture the moments, don’t come back! The teenager time this is certainly the most intense and most emotional time of growing up.

Now, corridor with your best friends and laughed. Send the two with us in the Studio over, we make the most beautiful teen photos, which can then be passed around throughout the school. Or we could go with the two hair cut and arrange a photo shoot there, that would be too funny. Now, the children have a wonderful photo opportunity also a cell phone! Is there already a first girlfriend or boyfriend a first in sight? How about a photo session with the first love in the forest or in the Studio? The motives here are limitless! Photos of the Sports, from school, from the first moped, or with the new dog, the celebration of the 16th birthday or the first, without parents party, all of this is important enough to be recorded for the future. Moments which wrote life photographs of children in Berlin holds all the important moments of life.

After we have the photos in the box you are developed in our laboratory by the professionals and edited. We put together a slideshow for you and determine which photos you find most beautiful. These are either copied to a storage medium, or put together a photo book or photo album. Just tell us how and where you would like your pictures and we will do this for you. In our fresh, innovative images you and your child later – will enjoy for a lifetime!