Road Rules

To illustrate why, even experienced fighters, athletes can lose even ordinary street fighter, give a few examples. Imagine that one day chess tournament with supergrossmeysterov wormed half-wit, which is the first installment, seeing the approach of loss, made a "Chinese" draw, mix on the board figures, and also "put" the head of a rival board. If organizers of the tournament, deciding that his behavior adds entertainment competition, does not disqualify him, then this half-wit will get every chance to become the winner of the tournament. The remaining grand masters, not wanting to suffer the humiliation simply refuse to play with him, writing itself thus defeat. This situation is of course absurd, but evident. It can be seen as a collision with a rival operating by its own rules, ie no rules are useless and long-standing practice, and "home" blank, and the whole experience. Such an opponent leaves no chance of that experience to use as a game afoot to them, subject to very different rules to following which ordinary GMs simply not ready. Another example of the more vital.

The author had once to be a witness of the competition between conventional suv owners who had to overcome quite challenging route with many obstacles. Not be easy to imagine the thoughts that prevailed in the minds of motorist who decided to take part in this competition. "Well, – says a driver may having on his shoulders than a dozen thousand miles of driving – on the road I drove well and overcame the puddles, the rate exceeded. .