Attorney General

Their participation means that subjects integrate a single party acting together, which requests to conduct a joint litigation regardless of the other, including appeals , will boost the whole party and not exclusively to the person performing the relevant action. Therefore, by definition that the Attorney General, as the idea is not a possible meeting of subjects, but the requirement to convene all stakeholders in the same ruling, the effectiveness that they have the answer in a single process . Others who may share this opinion include Munear Ashton Kouzbari. (….) Implies the existence of one claim with a plurality of subjects eventually legitimized, and that, therefore, the final decision to have unique content for all co-parties (… ..). 42 joint litigation Cuasinecesario joint litigation is also known as improperly required. Doctrinally is regarded as an intermediate form between the required and voluntary joint litigation, consequently classified cuasinecesario joint litigation, this basis the presence of individuals in the process.