Paragliding, or paragliding – is flying on a special aircraft – a paraglider. Paragliding – a fairly young sport: he was about 20 years. Read more from Randall Rothenberg to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Paragliding – not simply parachute jumps, and the graceful flight of an air wing with use as a driving force for energy rising warm air. When looking at the glider vnachala is deceptive resemblance to the lines of a good parachute domes, but with aerodynamic positions, we see very different scheme. Paragliding is not very heavy and compact unit, capable of taking off with only a horizontal surface and distinctive qualities is more like a hang glider or, for example, the glider. Freely floating in the sky glider is capable of give the pilot a unique sense of birds' wings, as well as an opportunity to look down from the height of the free bird's flight, a long left alone with the sky.

If you would like a lifetime away from the mother-land and take off to heaven, and even higher, to fly close to the beautiful birds of prey, ride through the world with a company of free-thinking people to see before unseen places, if you want to ride the wind serpent – it is your hobby. The web portal Sevastopol club sevparaplan. com you can easily find all the interesting information you need about paragliding, you learn where you can fly in the Crimea, about where and what equipment is cheaper to book. The club can also get training and flying in tandem with professional instructor.