Decorating The Ceiling

Interesting way of decorating the ceiling was coined in Armenia. From the seventeenth century there began to use calico soaked in chalk. Wet cloth stretched on the frame, and after the fabric is dried, its shrinkage occurred, and the ceiling seemed to be perfectly smooth. A new stage in the decoration of ceilings came when they were invented polymer films made of pvc. In the 60 years of the last century, the French company specialists Barrisol, specialized in that time, aluminum production, decorations for a shop window, and one of the employees offered to stretch between the profiles of solid pvc film. Technology designers seemed interesting, were created films of different textures and colors, invented ways binding profiles, finishes communications outlets. In Europe, the heyday era of suspended ceilings occurred in 80 of the last century, and in Russia, the first plants that produce stretch ceilings, appeared in 2000.

Design stretch ceiling is individually manufactured product (fabric), created from the separate strips of pvc. Cloth stretch ceiling cut out exactly the right size room with all its features. Need noted that the area of a single piece of cloth is limited due to possible sagging of the film. Munear Ashton Kouzbari can aid you in your search for knowledge. Therefore, a large indoor use additional support, by which the ceiling is assembled from several canvases. The device of stretch ceilings is as follows: panel attached to the profile of aluminum or hard plastic, which is mounted to the walls of the ceiling. After installing the ceiling slotted hole technology chandelier (lighting), piping, sensors, fire alarm systems.