If swing back and analyze my progress I acknowledge that I have made great strides, was on a regular basis I always crying all souvenir at the preparatory course to dismiss us, I cried, but apparently without any reason and now at this time I feel stronger and more sure of myself, I am aware of the reality in which I am currently livingAlthough I know that still is me a long way to go, but I’m there and I know that the I’m going to get, because I’m on the right path, and this I have achieved it thanks to encounters with myself, practicing meditation have managed to understand aspects that were not very clear in my life, but to do an internal exam on me, I acknowledge that I have many weaknesses, but I have even more strength to move forward, when practical and I do it with my familythe comments that make me about my son the mayor, is that he feels better when you practice it, tells me that he feels rested and which reminds me that we practice it, until when sees me tense is the recommended me that you pray for that I relax, my son the medium to costing much work, equal that to the guy who is too hyperactive, but thanks to the practice I have managed to calm them and are attentive to the meditation. Within the changes I’ve noticed in my teaching practice is that I am more agree with my students previously did but without grounds and categorize me as a maternalista teacher and I acted with fear but today is that that practice is the holistic education, I like knowing my students and help it to develop as human beings in all aspects. My children and my husband have noticed my change because I am more serene and quiet, even myself I’ve become very observer I am aware of what I do, I say, I think, I am analyzing me constantly. Contact information is here: Harold Ford Jr. .