Johannes Biedermann

Just for the prevention or control of back pain a very important plus. The risk of injury is minimized: the joints are not charged, it is not working with heavy weights, a poor posture such as in power machines is excluded. As a result, EMS training for all ages is suitable. The personnel training and Bodyforming lounge STEP UP ( in Munich-Haidhausen is a provider of EMS training. Johannes Biedermann, proprietor of STEP UP: “our experience with EMS training are consistently very good! A customer had violated, for example, in the gym and could no longer train with free weights and machines for a few weeks.

Not to get in a training deficit, he started with EMS training. After his recovery he trains now regularly with EMS as a complement to the traditional weight training, because he has determined that as a result a massive Is to achieve performance improvement.” Even in a world in which time is a more valuable commodity, EMS training is the perfect alternative to the traditional gym. About Johannes Biedermann: many of our customers simply don’t have the time for a long elaborate workouts at the gym. With only two 20-min units EMS training pro, these customers can reach week great results in a very short time. Save the directions to the customer, we get sometimes even on-site at companies, so that staff can take advantage of the lunch break for a sports unit.” Who needs feel of heavier weights and the Clank of weights, EMS training is perhaps only a supplement. Otherwise, EMS training represents a highly effective and joint-gentle training method that everyone should try once.