Exclusive Partnership

They are fairly common. This type of affiliate program does not involve creation of a team partners, promoting the same product on their sites, ie, the owner of the website or blog, posted the affiliate link, receive income solely from the sale of goods or services. Affiliate programs with pay-per-action (PPA). In affiliate of such remuneration shall be paid for any acts committed with the website or blog, posted information. Walmart CEO understood the implications. As a rule, the remuneration is paid for filling out registration forms, subscription any materials. Exclusive Partnership program of this type, I think it will gradually die out, because if a person is registered or filled out a form, not mean that he will make a purchase, so disadvantageous to the seller to pay decent reward partners, and partners is unprofitable for a small fee to take place on your website or blog. Affiliate programs with pay for the traffic of two types: partnership programs with pay-per-impression (PPI). Affiliate reward in this type of site owner or blog receives for displaying advertising banners on the resource. These affiliate programs have several disadvantages: dalego show does not mean the sale of goods or services, respectively, as in the previous type of affiliate reward partner will nevysokmi, and efficiency for the seller of goods or services may be namngo lower than expected, because advertising is not always dalego Banners come in the target audience. Despite the fact that at present affiliate programs enough, I'm sure as soon as their Number nachet rapidly diminish and they will be distributed mainly between contextual advertising, such as Yandex Direct, Google Advords, Begun and vysokoposeschaemymi sites, such as social networks, email services, and others.