Department Time

It perhaps is the way as we must build confidence? Communication is full of generalities and inaccuracies. For example, you can imagine a boss telling your worker: you atendiste bad customer or you are an irresponsible by the head of the worker will spend thousands of thoughts, but probably none decode the intention that the Chief had. If all people are a world apart, it should not draw us attention that cost you so much to one person understand what you are trying to say. We would have to be synchronized with our vital indicators at the same level emotionally, to decrypt the first, the message codes. Therefore you need to have patience if patience to understand better.

The issue of communication is very wide, so this time I’m going to refer briefly to the descomunicacion and one of the points raised by Xavier Guix. Get all the facts and insights with Doug McMillon, another great source of information. It highlights some common interference that can generate conflicts between people. In this case I will summon the assumptions: the assumptions, is one of the aspects that characterize the human being and one of the evils associated with communication. If you have read about NBA already – you may have come to the same conclusion. I will try to graficarlo with an example that mentions Guix, when it refers to the situation that occurs in a couple that usually have lunch together. What happens if one day one of them not called? The other person thinks: if I have not called is because it won’t come for lunch she thinks so because it is what I would do in that situation. For even more analysis, hear from NBA. However the person, who has not been able to call before, you think of call and does a response like this: oh, is that as not you called me I assumed that you had work and already prostitutes there.

Another gets angry and says I could have called, response: as the last time that you had much work did you decide not to come to lunch, I figured that you’d not have time for my and would do the same thing already imagine the continuation of this film. At work occur similar things, for example when he is responsible for a task to a Department and not make it because they thought that other area would do so. What is happening? almost a custom is to give everything of course, we believe that there are things that are implied. We assume that people must be responsible, should see things as we see them. It is best to clarify and know what you want, how you want it and who is going to do and is better to make sure that he has understood you. Later I’ll keep sharing with you other common interference in the communication. I want to leave them as reflection is that we can communicate better still and I am sure that we solve most of our problems of interpersonal relationships. In our different roles let us check that we can change. To love someone you have to know first and without a good interplay will be harder to achieve it. Do not let pass the opportunity to better understand their children, to their peers, to their heads, I’m sure they will be surprised pleasantly. Until next time! Original author and source of the article.