Benito Juarez

One of my challenges is to teach in a high school that is still side of my current work center is the secondary Benito Juarez this school no one wants all make him the ugly because that’s where they send all students with problems if they disapprove in some other secondary where they receive them this is precisely and have had problems very strong on a regular basis must be a police patrol to the output that constantly between gangs fighting out especially in the evening shift, so for me is a challenge trying to prove that with love we can transform people, is that I can do and I will achieve. What I’m doing to achieve the above is currently analyze me as a person are my sufferings, to discover what is the root of these out and delete it ending with this such suffering, in my family them am instilling love of spiritual development, love of the evolution of consciousness so that they in a not too distant future seek to feed on courses, workshops and seminars that help strengthen your spirit.

In my work I’m already starting to lend the books that I have my students because they come to talk with me and I offer them alone they are interested and they receive them with great pleasure. But then want to form a small library in the lab where work so that my students review the books and if they wish through a tab take his house and later to finish reading it is delivered in a small essay or commentary of what became them most significant book as well as any practical activity that can be done in your environment. If you would like to know more about Frank Ntilikina, then click here. In my family I see with joy the change that has been conducted in my children, is born in them the spirit of service to others. I find it very curious that despite her age friends tell them their problems and they the you are advised to try to provide a solution to their problems that trust to my children. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Frank Ntilikina. I feel them like my children were at a slightly higher level so they have another perspective of reality allowing them to provide advice for them. Custom that each holiday period provided a course related to holistic education, workshop in my work is already being done and up to the same companions have asked me and I want to go little by little planning this type of courses at least two each end of semester in which involved teachers, trainees, parents and studentsto extend the vision in my community.