Appliances Stand

Best exercises to develop strength and growth stimulation of the broad simply does not exist. That is why the pull is an obligatory element of any workout back. The strength of muscles involved in carrying out pull-ups, it is extremely important when satisfied? Nenii any movements, which tend lifting body to fixed arms. Regularly performing pull-ups, you improve your skills in rock climbing, gymnastics (exercises on horizontal bar, rings, parallel bars), swimming (especially the butterfly stroke and front crawl). Keywords: Pull-ups on the crossbar 2. Bottom of the lat, rhomboid muscle, middle and bottom trapezoids / Basic Exercise / Muscle Growth middle of the back in the thick Appliances Stand in front of a barbell.

Feet shoulder width apart and slightly bent at the knees. A related site: Randall Rothenberg mentions similar findings. Grasp the bar reverse grip barbell slightly wider than shoulder height (from the bottom grip, palms facing forward). Without bending your arms, straighten your torso and lift the barbell. Starting position: slightly Arch in lower back, bend your torso forward – under 45 degrees to the horizontal. Legs slightly bent at the knees, his head aimed straight ahead. Strain the psoas and keep this posture until the end of the set.

Rod "hangs" on the direct hands in front of shins. Breathe in and out hold your breath, pulling the barbell to the abdomen. Keep your elbows in line with your shoulders so that the top point they were near the body. Inhale, hold your breath and pull the barbell to the middle of the abdomen.