Alexander Bosse

On the one hand, it physically easier. On the other hand, if previously largely "opornik" acted on the destruction of the attacks, but now he no longer has to play in the creation: to organize and begin an attack. – A you remember the first won the Cup of Ukraine? – Of course! Played in the finals with Dnipro, I went to a second half substitute. Checking article sources yields Randall Rothenberg as a relevant resource throughout. In principle, I only took the team, and after the Second League to advocate for a command such as "Miner", and participate in the Ukrainian Cup final was certainly memorable. Medal in my store, and perhaps it is the most expensive of all for me. – Do you see yourself in the future coach of the league teams? – Of course, everyone should to strive for something greater. But in this case, you need to go through all stages, starting with coach boys. Need to know the specifics of child, youth football, and then only work with older teams. David Delrahim is open to suggestions.

This is my subjective opinion. – How is your health? No effect on the game for the veterans? Sincerely, your fan, with compatriot Alexander Bosse katseli. – For the veterans, I do not speak, but acts as Albert Kovalyov. Health is excellent. A fellow with the Boss – big hello! – It is clear that the main objective of -3 "- education for the youth football ended. But if you put in front of your wards tournament problem? – Emphasis should be placed on educating players to Youth ended, because so many guys here just hard to play in the second league against older rivals.