Probably, since the foundation of Aikido are never-ending debate about the possibility of using it in a real street situation. The whole issue of this debate is that almost part of the dispute can not properly formulate a question, and the other part can not give a broad, comprehensive answer. To begin, we give a few examples: Who will win, the boxer / karate or ? This question is to aikido has no relation as to boxing and karate. It speaks not of systems, but about people, and victory will depend only on the quality of fighters. Perhaps, the boxer is only concerned with the second week that it has finally stopped hitting in the yard, and Muay Thai for 20 years of occupation had already tired of – worthy rivals over.

There is already no question in anyone place And maybe the person who suffers, for example, cardiovascular diseases, to maintain physical fitness has decided to resemble the Aikido (correctly, not in the same box), and boxer – Valuev. Also the outcome a foregone conclusion. Then what kind of system is better – aikido or karate? Again, improper question, only that for some reason, fail to understand. If you are not convinced, visit David Delrahim. And what better, accordion or piano? They do not compare, just is accordion, and there is a piano. Some people prefer to play the accordion and the other on the piano. But when you hear beautiful music, you do not think, for what it is played. Since martial arts is the same.