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The Educator November 27, 2016

Thus we in ask &#039 to them; ' How if explicit this knowledge in the School? ' '. To explain this knowledge we consider that all child, when going the school already it has an empirical knowledge of the world encircles that it, has slight knowledge of the pertinent values its group. It fits then to the school to supply ways educating to organize the data of the reality, to perceive with clarity the action of the men through the existing work in this reality and Inter-relations between my members. In this perspective, leaving of concrete situations lived by the pupil, the professor elaborates a methodology on the natural and social world of educating. In the search of the theoretical knowledge necessary to interpret this situation, the professor with the pupil selects what he is significant, organizes given, elaborates texts, at last, exercises a systematic reflection, therefore thus the knowledge will be used as an instrument of transformation of its half construction of its history.

Thus, in the first series, the professor works with simple slight knowledge, few information and attributes characterize that them until arriving, in the end of 1 degree, to the field of the objective knowledge, elaborated, that he contains universal and abstract slight knowledge. When starting to lecionar Geography the educator must think, that he is showing a vast universe of information to educating, and the same will go to use – knot there its day-by-day. The professor when getting the conception of that the substance that is presented to educating, in a way or another one is part of our daily one, will go with more easiness to explanar the ideas that to entornar the subject. We must have the conscience of that, ' ' We see Geografia' ' , to the speech of the place where we live, of the feeding which we are ingesting, or to speak of the determined localization of one local one, etc.

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San Francisco November 17, 2013

(Cathedral of N.S. of Snows, Monasteries of San Francisco, Is Bento, Is Peter and diverse churches). The Varadouro that if expanded stops beyond the Port of the Capim, sufficiently it is marked by these changes, and for having been cradle of the first streets, it little by little goes if defining as portion of residential commercial functionality/. Streets as Maciel Pine, Cardoso Vieira, Aristides Wolves and some alleys of the entornos, go assuming this function. In the present time, all the system of transports of the city converges to the Varadouro that has in its territory: the Railroad station, the Road Terminal and the State Road; it functions in the area a commerce specialized in electric material, construction, autopeas, fishes/hunting and hardware. Whereas the fabric store/confections, footwear, optics, foods, etc., had dislocated themselves for the areas that had been if modernizing with the growth of the city.

The historical Center of Joo Person all possesss a joint architectural and paisagstico that show the different moments of construction of this space. An urban tracing still sufficiently conserved in its forms and original directions; a city that is born the edges of the River Sanhau and grows in the direction of low plateaus, extending its nascedouro cradle the measure of ‘ ‘ negcios’ ‘ overseas places and. One urbes with more than 418 years of history, holds in its a territory different moments of the power: religious, commercial, industrial, cultural and habitacional.

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One More September 25, 2013

The changes in the territory, compel in them to a reflection of our old ones analyze, this make in them to review concepts and result in a renewal in the category analyze of them, because the world this in constant change, and they are each time more intense and in short period of time. To study there to understand a region is necessary studies – the deep one on its forms, functions, its way of organization and its structures. A group of 0 variable of a region is the element that in them takes the understanding of the same one, the 0 variable can be interdependent, not having value if the same ones will not be boarded of joint form. The productive specialization, happens when to a diffusion in the transports, that makes with that it can be possible to reach and to search any part of the globe, the reduction in the prices of the transports, makes with that he is more intense in the increase of the movement, as much in the one of merchandises as of people. The revolution in the techniques of the agricultural production, provided the formation of the cities, being that the city if differs from the field for the condition of free work that the same one provides.

The capitalism if becomes revolutionary in the history of the humanity, being the classified burgos as the classroom would revolutionize. The relation of the city with the vice field and turns almost and that a necessity it lends, therefore exactly the field being almost that independent it needs a relation with the city, and the more modern the activity in the field, ampler and intense if becomes its relations. Small the city as they do not obtain to supply itself alone, finishes for more vender its products and services for a raised cost, this results in a migration of its inhabitants, making with that the urban system has a small considerable rise of its demography. The gegrafo today finishes for if becoming a empiricista, therefore for one it analyzes to be validates same the power not to be empty of concrete history, if the same it took in account in its study only the function of the region where it this studying, the same could be pautado as funcionalista. However one concludes that in the measure where the information if becomes immediate, it is necessary that if it studies a fact seeing you vary versions written of the same, not to run the risk of if making an interpretation that is not coherent to the fact in which this if searching understanding.

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National Integration September 12, 2013

1.Introduo the basic question of this work is to present as the tracing of the net of transports influences for the National development. For such, this patent in the content of the same, the main objectivos that had dictated the tracing of this net. On the other hand, the development of one determined nation essentially depends on the quality and amount of infrastructures and the territorial distribution (this distribution must in the possible measure do allow the National integration) of this net of transports, however that the national level is not verified. Without shades of doubts, the tracing of the net of transports in Moambique, was influenced by the discovery or to serve the English colnias of hinterland, resulting in this way, the weak National Integration. On the other hand, no type of enough independent transport and, therefore, any activity requires of certain forms the complement of the other. This reality is not verified in the national net. 1,1 Methodology As boarding methodology, the group will go to carry through the revision bibliographical that it will consist of the research and reading of materials, specifically, magazines, reports, teses, consult to the Internet and the use of workmanships that if lean over on the subject. In them we will look to concepts keys, that turn on the subject, without however, to exclude its respective clarification.

The type of didctico material will also be read all that if leans over on the subject. Taking care of that the retraction of course was made by all the members of the work group, it was figured essential to promote its organization, of form to assure the easy access the identified references already. The elaboration of the work was based on the quarrel between elements of the group and use of data of the ANE (2004), CFM, ISUTEC, Ministry of the Transports and Communications that served as the base of the elaboration of the work.

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