The Educator

Thus we in ask &#039 to them; ' How if explicit this knowledge in the School? ' '. To explain this knowledge we consider that all child, when going the school already it has an empirical knowledge of the world encircles that it, has slight knowledge of the pertinent values its group. It fits then to the school to supply ways educating to organize the data of the reality, to perceive with clarity the action of the men through the existing work in this reality and Inter-relations between my members. In this perspective, leaving of concrete situations lived by the pupil, the professor elaborates a methodology on the natural and social world of educating. In the search of the theoretical knowledge necessary to interpret this situation, the professor with the pupil selects what he is significant, organizes given, elaborates texts, at last, exercises a systematic reflection, therefore thus the knowledge will be used as an instrument of transformation of its half construction of its history.

Thus, in the first series, the professor works with simple slight knowledge, few information and attributes characterize that them until arriving, in the end of 1 degree, to the field of the objective knowledge, elaborated, that he contains universal and abstract slight knowledge. When starting to lecionar Geography the educator must think, that he is showing a vast universe of information to educating, and the same will go to use – knot there its day-by-day. The professor when getting the conception of that the substance that is presented to educating, in a way or another one is part of our daily one, will go with more easiness to explanar the ideas that to entornar the subject. We must have the conscience of that, ' ' We see Geografia' ' , to the speech of the place where we live, of the feeding which we are ingesting, or to speak of the determined localization of one local one, etc.