San Francisco

(Cathedral of N.S. of Snows, Monasteries of San Francisco, Is Bento, Is Peter and diverse churches). The Varadouro that if expanded stops beyond the Port of the Capim, sufficiently it is marked by these changes, and for having been cradle of the first streets, it little by little goes if defining as portion of residential commercial functionality/. Streets as Maciel Pine, Cardoso Vieira, Aristides Wolves and some alleys of the entornos, go assuming this function. In the present time, all the system of transports of the city converges to the Varadouro that has in its territory: the Railroad station, the Road Terminal and the State Road; it functions in the area a commerce specialized in electric material, construction, autopeas, fishes/hunting and hardware. Whereas the fabric store/confections, footwear, optics, foods, etc., had dislocated themselves for the areas that had been if modernizing with the growth of the city.

The historical Center of Joo Person all possesss a joint architectural and paisagstico that show the different moments of construction of this space. An urban tracing still sufficiently conserved in its forms and original directions; a city that is born the edges of the River Sanhau and grows in the direction of low plateaus, extending its nascedouro cradle the measure of ‘ ‘ negcios’ ‘ overseas places and. One urbes with more than 418 years of history, holds in its a territory different moments of the power: religious, commercial, industrial, cultural and habitacional.