Various Industrial Components

Bearing – a guide or support, which sets on many moving parts other elements of a mechanism. Base ball bearings – a rolling friction, from which almost they all work. Their components are: body rolling piece for holding the bodies at the same distance, the two rings and a separator to separate from each other rollers. Almost always a suitable anti-friction bearings gutter, they are present on the inner surface of the outer ring and the outer part of the inner ring. These grooves are called raceways at him move the body when rolling bearing operation.

Often, parts car raceway placed not on the rings of the bearings and the shaft or on the surface of cabinet parts. Such a device called the combined support. They are used to reduce the size of cars, increase rigidity and accuracy. wfd – High pressure hose. It is often used for filing under very high pressure of various fluids, ie, a flexible conduit. Its composition is quite complicated and not easy.

The main components – are intermediate rubber layers, the outer, inner rubber layer, textile blanket, police brass-wire layers. rvd sleeves can be made with metallic windings or braids. This product is used as a braided flexible tubing is used for the transportation of various petroleum products, and high-quality rubber pressure hose suction is applied to the wound when low temperature conditions. Technical plates. Material that is based on solid latex or rubber, having a sealing, insulation and sound insulation properties is called a rubber plates. Technical plates Vacuum necessary in order that would make sealing compounds used in various rubber. Products that are based on rubber plates are used for the perception of single shock, to prevent friction between metal surfaces and has a lining and flooring or other neuplotnitelnye products. Operating temperature rubber plates mbs at which it ceases to function normally represents the range of-30 and +80 degrees Celsius. Rubber compounds. Mixture consisting of various components, which has the homogeneity property, which includes different components, one of which rubber is designed that would create rubber with vulcanizing referred to as a reliable commodity rubber. The main advantage and main benefits of rubber compounds is the ability to produce large, very elastic and reversible deformation. Rubber compounds are usually composed of the following components: Regulators (light stabilizers, antioxidants), plasticizers (softeners), vulcanizing system (activators of vulcanization, on demand – soagenty acceptors, curing agent, halides vulcanization, vulcanization retardants, vulcanization accelerators).