USA Incidents

E-Government, the process of provision of public services of administrations focused on service to the citizen, both in its quality and which is based on new technologies, mainly through technologies in the cloud (cloud computing) *, offers a clear advantage which is the increase in efficiency thanks to the rationalization of the costs of providing services andTherefore, contributes to modernizing the State. With regard to the management of incidents of public roads in the city (manholes, streetlights, signs, damage, etc.) e-Government is now a reality, and Spain is a pioneer in this activity, thanks to Gecor, incidents through cloud computing management system. Gecor was designed at the beginning of this decade by a team led by Jose Nebro transfer to incident management in public his experience in industrial process reengineering and the experience in the maintenance of the facilities of a large sports club. With a photo made with the mobile phone, the incidence in question is transmitted by operators of City Hall or any neighbor-to City Hall and to the company that must repair the incidence from where its resolution is ordered. Arranged once the incidence is sent the photo with the finished arrangement. The Gecor system has managed that arrays of lampposts, traffic lights or sidewalks that previously took up to 30 days to be carried out, are now carried out in 3 or 4 days. Gecor, now working successfully in several Spanish municipalities and in the USA. Not only Gecor offers the incidents but also through the information management and coordination comes to knowledge to improve the quality of life, says Jose Nebro, Gecor President, and furthermore adds this innovative system will be instrumental in the goal of the e-governance that supports and simplifies the governance through knowledge.

About Gecor GECOR is a service for the management of incidents on public roads that facilitates the communication between citizens and public administrations as well as improving the efficiency of the processes of resolution. The use of the GECOR system allows reduce the average times of processing of incidents at a 58%, decreasing costs by incidence by 25%.