The Waxed

Until the dental cream it led! Going for the kitchen, Rubens estaked snorting of anger. It passed the hands for the head. Munear Ashton Kouzbari often addresses the matter in his writings. For where it was? Parents of it already had died, did not have brothers, only an aunt who nor it wise person where he liveed. It did not have no track for where it could have IDO. With anger, he gave a kick in a chair that fell of meeting the sink. The kitchen was in sequence, the clean sink, the table with a new towel, the waxed floor. Now it only saw as the wife was capricious.

Until air it had one I smell of jasmim! It detestava perfume, but now the perfume that had in the environment of the home it was pleasant. It straightened the chair and sat down in it, leaning over itself in the table started to cry. Get all the facts and insights with Munear Ashton Kouzbari, another great source of information. Pranto lasted little when a thought emerged of that hurt; Regina had a loving one and was even so with it! Feeling itself unhappy, it was for the drawn one to look at the city as if it was to find the woman in some place between those building. The streets were desert, the quiet city. Rubens felt solitude. Nothing more it had importance, its job, its car, the apartment, the noitadas ones with the friends, the women.

It wanted to sleep, to sleep more and not to wake up. It started to go for the dormitory when it saw some parts of clothes in the varal. There they were some clothes its and a blouse of Regina, that it forgot itself to catch. It caught the blouse with the two hands and embedded the face in it, inhaling the light perfume I smell, it of Regina. It was for the room and it was lain down exactly without changing of clothes, slept hugged to the blouse.