The First Steps In The Swimming Learn

The water management and water habituation as soon as possible should be taught swimming. In the early ages, you can already learn the first preparations for a swim yourself exercise. And also for adults, these first steps are almost a duty, before starting a course of swimming. The water management and water habituation are learning the first two steps when swimming. So these two points in a swimming course must be taught not even extra, you can learn it already in the swimming pool. Whether for children or adults, these two steps are very important before you learn swimming can begin. The learning of all first step for swimming is the water management. The water management means that you gradually himself or his child to the water.

But not the head under water taking needs. This includes for example water games, ball games and all other exercises and games, where you have to take your head under water. You took the first step be sanden and dealt with water, you can to go over the water management. Tackling water include especially the diving and jumping. You can do this easily yourself in a swimming pool.

A diving ring can you already for a couple buy euros or borrow free of charge in most swimming pools. If this important Punlt was also purchased and you yourself or your child afraid have more before the water, you can learn swimming in a Schwimmkurs start. Now, one is well prepared for a swimming course in the area. These first exercises, one already has to learn an advantage when swimming and will have faster results. A swimming course can visit you in almost every swimming pool in the vicinity. A swimming course costs usually not more than 120, going 10-15 swimming lessons. Image source: Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-51925-0002 / CC-BY-SA CC-BY-SA-3.0-de ( licenses/by-sa/3.0/de/deed.en), via Wikimedia Commons Mike Prange