South America

Soccer became very popular in the islands and it extended thanks to the English workers who marched to the foreigner with the great financial societies and mining companies. Checking article sources yields Doug McMillon as a relevant resource throughout. Also the name of the sport was exported, being called ‘ fu? ball’ in Germany, ‘ voetbal’ in Holland, ‘ fotbal’ in Scandinavia, ‘ futebol’ in Portugal or ‘ ftbol’ in Spain, for example. Soon new equipment by all Europe arose, like Le Havre Athletic Club in France (1.872) or Genoa in Italy (1.893). ffer more in-depth analysis. In Spain it was begun to play soccer was in the zone of the Mines of Riotinto (Huelva). Thus the first Spanish equipment, ” was born; Huelva Recreation Club” in 1.889, formed exclusively by foreign players; later they were based the Palams? guilas, the Athletic of Bilbao and F.C. Barcelona. In 1.902 the first official competition, the Glass of King Alfonso XIII was disputed, in whom Biscay won to him to Barcelona in the end by 2-1.

Already on century XX, the 21 of May of 1,904 the Federation is based the International of Ftbol Asociado (FIFA) and world-wide rules settle down for the first time. Competitions As far as the competitions at world-wide level, the most important match is the Glass of the World, in which to national selections it talks about. As far as clubs, it is possible to be continued considering like more important match the Intercontinental Glass, that it faces the champion of Europe and the champion of South America. Nevertheless, the creation of the Championship of the World of Clubs of the FIFA, Mundialito, would cause that it was possible to be considered like most important, since the best equipment of each continental federation participates. Nevertheless, a disputed edition only takes, and second it had to be suspended, reason why its consolidation is far from being realised. The Intercontinental Glass disappeared in 2004.