SDR Cable

At the workshop we met with cable systems that use modern technologies such as Infiniband, MPO connectors. In the design of the SKS SAC raises questions that need to be answered. What issues arise from the designer of the SKS data center? The first and most important question asked by designers and which is not easy to get a response. What SDR architecture to choose for the data center, which should be a structure in SCS in the data center, which should be part of SCS? The seminar will detail the structure and architecture of SDR in the data center and will show the differences structured cabling in data centers of the SCS, which is built for commercial buildings. How the system should be designed conduits in the data center? How better to hold the top cable channels or cable set route under a raised floor? How better to pave the conduit so as not to have a problem with the cooling system? Can I set the trays on the telecommunications closets? What better use for laying cable channels trails? You will get answers to questions about the design of conduit and recommendations of how best to design a system of cable channels. Which category of cable lines is better to choose for the data center to one side solve the needs of today, but on the other hand consider the possible growth of the data center in the future? At the training course will be shown a simple and logical approach when choosing a category of cable lines from the perspective of Growth data center in the future.