Save Headings

An indispensable condition in the handling of personal finance is the have discipline to save, i.e., having the responsibility to set aside a portion of the money income, and save them for later use. Acquire the habit of saving will allow us to have the security of knowing that we have money that we can respond to any emergencies or unforeseen; It will allow us to raise money to then invest it and thus get new sources of ingresos.capitalizacion simple., for example, to acquire businesses or investments; and also allow us to raise money to then give us some taste to allow us to improve our quality of life, for example, to buy a new car, or go travel. Here a method consisting of 5 steps that will help us save: 1. draw up a box of receipts and expenditures first must develop a box with items that generate us income and which generate us expenses, as well as the monthly amount that usually us generate each game. Items that generate us income could be headings employment, business, investment; and items that generate us expenditures could be the games food, education, clothing, entertainment, mobility, services, debt.

For example, in the game business could have regular income of 5000 per month, and in the heading education could have spending habits of 1,000 a month. In this table we must include all items that generate us receipts and expenditures, and we try to be the most successful possible with the amount that we are going to assign to each one. 2 Identify headings in which expenditure can be reduced once we have drawn up our box of receipts and usual expenditures, spent to analyze it and to identify headings on which we could reduce expenditure or, in any case, headings that we could stop spending. To identify these items, we must find those aspects that somehow we could reduce gastos.capitalizacion composed., paying special attention to those where we are spending too much.