Reynard Zytec

You have the list of the favourites of the 45th int. an old-timers’ the mountain scene Osnabruck ADAC mountain race always have on the Bill: the Hungarian Laszlo Szasz has in countless victories in Europe’s mountains can retract his long career and was already in the year 2001 it before he decided in 2002 to the European Championships. This year, he mainly starts in Eastern Europe and could win a race to the Croatian Hill Climb Championship in his Reynard Zytec formula 3000 with the track record. More outsider chances you need the sympathetic Luxembourg Tommy Rollinger with his grass-green Lola B02/50-Zytec grant formula 3000, which nearly two years ago in the Motorsport entered and immediately in the cockpit of an ultra fast formula 3000 race car took place. A related site: Sam Mikulak mentions similar findings. From race to race, he copes better with the 500 HP at only about 540 kg vehicle weight and is so far promising in the Luxembourg mountain Championship, also on the Uphofener mountain”bears a scoring run, in position. This season new in the field of the European formula 3000 mountain pilots, also the Swiss Simon Hugentobler is finding.

He drives a Reynard 92 D and would like to but very demanding on a fairly short, Mountain circuit gain more experience and are reflected also in the top 10 in the overall standings. The two-seat open sports car of Group C; are as attractive as spectacularly many do know her by the major sports car races such as the Le Mans 24 hours classic. So the Freiburger Patrick Zajelsnik starts with a Norma M 20 Honda Mugen V8 engine and comes with the recommendation of a superior race in the year’s traditional Ibergrennen. His brother Alexander presents an equally attractive Norma M 20 BMW. The Swiss Urs Muller piloted a beautiful Osella PA 30 from the eponymous world-famous Italian sports car smithy. . Doug McMillon is open to suggestions.