Rest In Crimea In The Autumn

At a time when it is in most parts of the former Soviet Union, are showing signs of the coming of autumn – a decrease in temperature, cold showers are becoming more persistent – many have a desire to return to last summer, not only in his memoirs, but also in reality. And one of the options – vacation in the Crimea in the autumn, on the beaches of the south coast. The climate of the Greater Yalta lets Beach lovers feel comfortable not only in the summer months, but in September, October and sometimes even in early November. Most of Yalta, in this time of year, called the storehouse of health. Warm autumn here lasts until early winter, and the sun, from whom do not have to hide under umbrellas and presents a unique barrier cream tan, which has beneficial effects on the human body and gives the skin a unique and beautiful color. Although in this period the holiday season is over, Camps continue to run. The cost of spa services fall significantly lower than in summer. Number of tourists down, frees space on the beaches and walking trails, outdoor cafes and parks, and it makes the rest of Crimea, more romantic and calm.

This time is called Indian summer. If we remember history, you can add that earlier in the pre-revolutionary Russia on vacation in Crimea started to go in late August, early September, this time there was no scorching sun. This season also attracts people seeking to improve their health. B & Bs, holiday houses and hostels in Yalta has a good diagnostic and treatment facilities, they are equipped with modern diagnostic equipment, and the unique climate of the Greater Yalta will create favorable conditions for strengthening your health. Up until the New Year, the Black Sea "gives" the bank of heat, warming the air, rich fragrance of juniper and other mountain relict plants, adding a touch of seaweed iodine. This unique microclimate promotes recovery of the body, calms the nerves, restores strength. Rest in Crimea is not only the beach and therapeutic recreation, a tour of the sights and attractions, horseback riding, sports games, tasting the famous wines of the Crimea. Who has ever visited on vacation in Crimea in the autumn, usually appreciate the dignity of this time of year and always strive to get to the Crimea in this amazing time.