Every person on this planet has enormous power, but for most that huge power goes unnoticed. For the majority of people that we construct reality in our minds and our recurring thoughts are created our eternal reality, our solid reality is almost unknown. Every day, people carried out the feat formidable create their reality with this enormous range of concepts and things that make up your personal universe. But what should be a huge discovery, happens to be a fact as routine as an Apple fall to the ground from a tree. This routine involves people, who may not be aware as force hidden dominate them. In his book I am happy, I am rich, Andrew Corentt said that most of the people are that you are unable to change the team of futbol(o baloncesto, hockey, etc.), political party or religion.

If the majority of people can not even change football team, how they will do to become rich? Is not to become a millionaire or Millionaire want to change a person’s computer, but this shows how difficult that is to change mental patterns once they have settled in the mind. Let us do a little experiment to see how difficult this can be. Let’s start with the easy: of that side of the bed sleeps? Do you sleep on your side, upside down? Tonight, try changing from side of side of the bed where he sleeps and d position. If you can not fall asleep again its position initial, the idea is not that it happens in sailing, but only to demonstrate how uncomfortable it can be change of habits. We move on to something a little more difficult. See a sport that does not like on television.

But don’t just sit awhile and see it only by commitment. Try to enjoy this sport. If you want to go further, concerned that the sport is his favorite, say for a month. Most people only think this is stupid, does that help me this?. That’s normal, that’s an answer in mind to protect themselves from what’s new. We move on to something harder. Stop reading the news about violence, deaths, crisis economic or unemployment. Leave your habit of sitting in front of your TV and fill the mind of images of degradation and diseases. Say goodbye to the news, say goodbye to the so-called trash TV programs, avoid programs on gossip, etc. If you do this your life be filled with good things, best thing each day and best of all you will be a happy, millionaire and successful person. In the book the power to transform our lives, Corentt presents truly powerful techniques to transform your life so dramatically that you will not recognize it. The methods presented in this book are so powerful, you just decide what you want, either in the material, sentimental field of relations or business, etc. Applied techniques and then get all you desea(exito, riqueza, felicidad, mejores relaciones, poder) almost automatically. The power to transform our lives, fill it with real power, but the amazing thing is that some people do not even You will remember this. Do you know why? Because your subconscious mind makes them forget, literally, of everything that infringes on its prized security, even if that security is a life of poverty and unhappiness. Overcome that inertia is what will determine you to be a millionaire, successful and happy person.