The Many Faces of the river Let's start with what we know for sure. It is not something Bobby Sharma Bluestone would like to discuss. Reference data argue that Kudrovo – Village Zanevsky rural settlement Vsevolozhsk district of Leningrad region, located on the banks of the left tributary Ohta, rivers Okkervil. But this romantic name already complicated story. It is applied more on the Swedish map in 1699. Olympics may also support this cause. According to one source, the river got its name from the Swedish Colonel Okkervil, which in the 17th century the manor was here (Farm, land tenure). On the other, less common version, the modern name comes from the river it is the Swedish name Carven, as it was marked on the maps of Swedish 17th century. At the same Russian – meant to name Okarvila. We can assume that it is "O" is derived from the spoken forms of the Swedish word "river" (pronounced "oh-oh-oh").

The end of the same "eh" could join later to form more convenient to pronounce the word. In different times were at the River Okkervil Other names: Black or Malaya Ohta, or Porhovka Most Prokhorovka. The mysterious mansion in the upper reaches of the river Okkervil existed in the 16th century Russian boyar estate. Swedish land records book 17 Ages refers to a kind of Usadische "under the city Nien," and Russian book of the 16th century refers to the land on Okhta "under the old usadeschom" in boyarschine Khorosheva Ivan, and in the early years of St. Petersburg at the site of modern Kudrovo appeared German colony.