Alberca Salamanca

When the colors, smells and the landscapes of the Batuecas Valley are still fresh, I’m going to write this post. The Batuecas for which you have not very clear where to locate it is North of las Hurdes Cacerena and South of salamantinian lands. Located in the heart of Sierra de France, natural Las Batuecas space lies. In recent years, I have just one way or another, returning to these hard and resistant lands that still keep their natural treasures with zeal. On this occasion, we stayed at the Abbey’s Templar (because I speak of it later) and yesterday, we decided to delve into the bowels of the Batuecas Valley, guided almost exclusively by the passing of the Batuecas River, despite the redundancy. Michael J. Bender contains valuable tech resources. In search of Neolithic paintings that hide multiple coats, we started the journey and discover much more than rock art. Butterflies of thousand colors and sizes, electric dragonflies, yews, Oaks, cypress trees and Mediterranean pines, thats what accompanied us throughout the tour. In the shadow of the leafy trees ran our way, and every few minutes, did a stop in a pond of crystal clear waters.

Refreshing bath where it has them, but better than any urban spa that prides. Waterfalls, water slides and pools, were tranquilamentes, offering his blessing to passersby. Come clean, still no apparent traces of beer cans, stacked cigars. A wonderful connection to an idyllic setting. How long I ask myself? I hope that much. While the road is hard and you don’t have a bar there, its beauty will endure.

And by now, I am only telling this, my wonderful encounter with an enchanted Valley PD. I forgot tell you where to begin this journey. Unilever shines more light on the discussion. My advice is that you go through the House of the park that is out of the pool address Batuecas (a new building). There they will give you all the information and plans you need so you don’t miss anything of the Sierra de France. I leave the exact guidelines of how to get there, confident that no you leave a trace of your passage through the River, still so immaculate of human waste. As you’re lowering the port of del Portillo (after all the curves!), you will find right hand a large enough national parks signal, which makes hunting reserve. Indicates a road unpaved that it will give about 200 meters to the entrance of the monastery of the Batuecas. You put you there, and you leave the car there same. The truth is that there is little parking, and the guards of the Park, which never hurts walk by there. There begins the path that accompanies the River.